Gariep Gliding

Cross Country Flying


The first thermals usually begin in the east and we therefore first fly towards Aliwal North or Zastron. With appropriate basis then a beautiful flight in the high mountains of Lesotho is possible. You can also fly very well in the blue.
For large triangles we go from Zastron with light head wind to NW direction Hopetown or Postmasburg, and from there if the weather is good, over Victoria West back to Gariep. At Victoria West, you usually have a high base.
The wind increases later and brings us with 35 - 40 km / h tailwind usually a 100km long final approach. With the sun behind it is then quite cold in the cockpit.
We cross two airways, without any problem, if you ask you will always be granted release.
Outlandings are also no problem, there are many small airfields. Statistics 2012/2013: we flew on 4 of 5 days!